The Mohawk Campus

At Mohawk Country Day School, we take great pride in our indoor and outdoor spaces. Spanning more than 40 acres of land, our students have the opportunity to engage in diverse settings and experiences for exploration, play, and learning. Find out more about our facilities here.



Classrooms are situated throughout our outdoor campus, featuring 2-3 rooms per building. Each classroom is equipped with designated learning areas, indoor play spaces, sensory tables, bathrooms, and various other amenities.



Our children adore the Mo-Town play village for its engaging and imaginative play experiences. From a grocery store and fire station to an ice cream truck, barber shop, restaurant, and more, the options for creative play are limitless!


The STEM Room

The STEM Room is equipped with all of the tools and resources needed to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and engaging way. This space allows young minds to dive into their creativity, ask questions, and find answers through hands-on activities and collaborative projects. It’s a hub for innovation and inspiration, where curiosity leads to endless possibilities.



Networks is our outdoor mini jungle gym where children can climb, swing, slide, jump and play freely. The sturdy structure is designed to spark imagination and exploration while creating lasting memories.



Bikes are a highly favored activity among our students. They enjoy riding tricycles around the track, promoting movement and gross motor skills while they peddle. Biking provides children with important experiences in perseverance, coordination, and independence.


Sheryl’s Treehouse Playground

The large treehouse-like structure allows our older students to climb and explore various levels and platforms, fostering their sense of adventure, independence and strength. Our younger students enjoy the sand box which encourages creativity and social interaction. This playground provides a safe and engaging space for children of all ages to learn, grow, and have fun together.

The Lego Room

Children are immersed into a world of endless creativity and imagination in our Lego Room! With vibrant colors, a plethora of blocks, and the freedom to build anything they can dream of, children are sure to have an unforgettable time exploring, learning, and developing essential skills.

Castle Playground

The castle playground features slides, monkey bars, tire climbing, a rock wall, and other exciting elements! The students adore this playground, enjoying the freedom to run around and create their own adventure.


The School Library receives weekly visits from our students. They find delight in selecting their books from a wide array of genres and participating in read-aloud sessions in this cozy space of organized independence.

Musical Playground

Our musical playground is a symphony of fun and creativity. As children run and explore, the sweet melodies of laughter blend harmoniously with the joyful notes of instrumental sounds from the interactive and colorful panels. Every child has the opportunity to become a musician through the rhythmic games and engaging play


Children participate in physical education in a variety of locations such as: our outdoor grass fields, basketball courts, or the gymnasium. Filled with a range of equipment, this area is popular among our students and provides an excellent environment for developing and enhancing gross motor skills.

Farm and Garden

Students enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring the wonders of nature while learning about the plants and animals that call our farm and garden their home. From planting seeds and watching them grow to hatching chicks and ducklings, our little ones are always filled with curiosity and excitement. The farm and garden provide a hands-on learning experience that not only nurtures their love for the environment but also teaches them valuable life skills.

The Music Room

The music room is a vibrant space, bustling with singing children, beautiful instruments, and enthusiastic staff. Students have the opportunity to explore various musical instruments each week and appreciate being in an environment that embraces a variety of sounds.

The Art Room

While crafts are daily activities in our classrooms, our art room stands out as a dedicated space where artistic creativity takes center stage and mess is not just tolerated but encouraged! Children enthusiastically utilize a range of art supplies as they bring their guided masterpieces to life.


Our campus is enriched with many trees that play a vital role in our student education. Children have frequent interactions with the trees, observing their transformations and natural resources throughout the seasons. During the autumn season, the trees produce lovely apples that children harvest, experiment and cook with and in the spring time, we tap our maple trees for syrup and delve deeper into this exciting and yummy learning process.