The Path to

Successful Learning

Our enriching curriculum at Mohawk Country Day School strives to prepare young students for future learning, while also fostering individual growth, social development, and academic excellence. Our program is designed to provide emerging learners with essential skills and first experiences that will support their ongoing development.

Social Emotional Development

Social and Emotional skills are a key component in children’s learning, across all domains. Children benefit from constant opportunities to experience, develop and practice social and emotional skills through positive behavior models and relationships with their peers and teachers. In our program, we provide and incorporate these skills throughout each and everyday, both in and out of the classroom.


The New York State PreKindergarten Learning Standards state that communication is a gateway for children to express themselves, regulate behavior, feel understood, and connect with others. We believe that providing children with opportunities to hear, practice and engage in conversations will set the framework for spontaneous interactions, build background knowledge and introduce new concepts.


Students at Mohawk Country Day School are exposed to age-appropriate reading opportunities on a daily basis and through a variety of methods. The goal is for our children to become familiar and comfortable with books/reading through rich literacy experiences; preparing and introducing them to the emergent/beginner skills necessary for their overall reading development.


Mathematical Learning in our program focuses on the exploration of concepts. On a daily basis we incorporate developmentally appropriate instructional tools and activities such as manipulative’s, learning centers and games that target and build on the foundation for progression of mathematical skills for future grades. Our younger students will focus on developing their number sense, shape skills, sorting and patterning, while our older children will begin to emerge into more. advanced mathematical and number skills.

Science & Social Studies

In early childhood education, students are beginning to show an interest and curiosity about the natural world around them and are developing a basic understanding of themselves, their family, their school, their community, and how they fit into these environments. At MCDS, we foster this sense of wonder by providing opportunities for exploration, discovery and experimentation. Our students engage in critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, observing, and predicting skills, while engaging in hands-on experiments that grab their attention and interest.

Physical Education

In addition to the everyday physical activity that the students engage in at recess, they will also participate in physical education classes regularly (at least four times a week). There, they are learning to demonstrate gross motor skills, collaborative play and physical growth through challenges, self-expression, and social opportunities. Utilizing our indoor gym, outdoor playing fields, and basketball courts, children are introduced too new and engaging activities while moving their bodies in an exciting way.


The STEM Program at MCDS focuses on science and nature. Children explore the environment around them, utilizing the wonderful spaces on campus such as the farm and garden. Students participate in hands-on activities and experiences while engaging in fun learning.


Our School Library is a wonderful space to expose children to books of all different genres. We have Library Lessons which engage children in a read aloud and activity to keep them focused and engaged. In addition, they have the opportunity to explore different books and choose one to take home for the week.


The Art Program is geared to bringing children opportunities in creating, imagining and learning. They will be using their fine motor skills to form their beautiful and unique masterpieces by cutting, gluing, coloring, painting and more. Art projects will be centered around seasons and holidays while also engaging the children in a fun and imaginative lesson.


Students love our music program. They enjoy learning how to demonstrate rhythm and melodies, sing new and familiar songs, engage with instruments, listen to a variety of sounds, and have fun!