Hybrid Learning Pods – Health & Safety

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Parent Handbook / Health & Safety Guidelines Coming Soon

Our risk mitigation strategies and adherence to pods seek to reduce risk to the greatest extent possible while still providing an educationally beneficial experience to our students.

  • Daily Health Screening for all students and staff 
  • Handwashing and Hand Sanitizing stations 
  • Dedicated student pods 
  • Onsite COVID-19 testing capabilities
  • Onsite Health Director/School Nurse 
  • PPE provided and available to all staff members  
  • Teachers wear face-coverings 
  • Face-coverings are optional for students outdoors.  Required indoors. 
  • Outdoor classes when possible 
  • Social distancing when indoors to the greatest extent possible 
  • Visitor Management 

Additional Information & Quick Links

Hybrid Learning Pods

Our Hybrid Learning Team

2020-2021 MCDS Safety Plan & Operating Playbook

2020-2021 MCDS Parent Handbook

Questions? Email LearningPods@MohawkCountryDaySchool.com.

Conditions for Operating

NYS BOH Camp Operating Permit
Mohawk Day Camp has a current New York State Board of Health Camper Operating Permit which is valid through September 15, 2020.  We have requested an extension on this permit. 

NYS BOE Private School
Mohawk Country Day School is a NYS Board of Education Private School. If a region is in Phase Four and the rolling weekly average rate of infection is below 9% and the rolling two-week average rate of infection is below 5%, then schools can open for in-person learning.

NYS Licensed Childcare Program (OCFS Permit in-progress)
Mohawkcampco,LLC the business which operates Mohawk Day Camp and Mohawk Country Day School is currently applying for an permit under the Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS).  This permit would allow to operate as “essential childcare” center and can remain open in the event schools are closed.